“Me, my son and Minecraft” by Jane Costello

Children love Minecraft. Parents seldom understand this phenomenon. I found an article that was actually quite impressive. A mother noticed that her child loves Minecraft. She wanted to know why rather than admonish him on the spot. In her article published on March 7, 2014 she talks about her experiences with Minecraft. She found that her son loved it and it was seemingly harmless. So she decided to give it a try for herself. In the first part of her article, she gives a quick run-down for those foreign to Minecraft. She explains what kind of game it is and what others have done with it. One of her claims is that Minecraft has unlimited possibilities. In order to support her claim, she describes what players have done and also provides a video. The video is a tour of the Mines of Moria built in Minecraft. While she has no relation to the gamer who built it, she includes the video because it proves that anything is possible in Minecraft. The next part of her article describes her experience as a new Minecraft. She points out the fact that there is no tutorial or user’s manual. She cites that when the game came out that many gamers were confused. She also makes a really good and rather insightful comment about children and Minecraft. She says that children are used to being in a world full of unknowns, so Minecraft is no different. I believe this. As I have gone through life (I am 17.5 years old) I have found that my world becomes more and more known. After I took physics, I was able to understand previously-unknown phenomenon. Children are more adaptable to things they don’t know because they live a life in the unknown. However, I urge you not to quote me on this because I am not a pediatrician.

What I find most amazing about Costello is that she took the time to learn about her child’s passion. She mentions that other parents have found Minecraft to be great evil in their homes but that she has not. She has not because she acts like the parent and understands what her son is doing and why. If only more parents could do this, I think there would be a lot less trouble between parent and child. In the end, she mentions video game addiction and the fear that some have. Her opinion is that with strong parenting there is little risk to children. She concedes that Minecraft is just as obsessive as other video games. I think that more parents should follow in her footsteps.

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